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What is waste water?

Waters that are formed as a result of necessities in areas such as housing, industry and agriculture are expressed as waste water.

How is Waste Water Refined?

To one or more of the physical, chemical and biological treatments applied to convert waters into wastewater resulting in various physical, chemical and bacteriological characteristics lost or to be able to restore the entire natural physical, chemical, bacteriological and ecological characteristics of the receiving environment purification ".

Physical Treatment:

It is the processes used with the purpose of taking the pollutants in the wastewater from the wastewater by physical processes.

Applications; grids, sieves, sand catchers, flotation systems, sedimentation basins, balancing basins.

Chemical Treatment:

Chemical treatment systems are treatment processes that are applied to allow sedimentation by altering the physical state of substances dissolved or suspended in water. In the chemical treatment process, wastewater chemical substances (coagulant, polyelectrolyte, etc.) are added at the appropriate pH value and the substances which are desired to be precipitated are precipitated and separated from the water as mud.

Wastewater Treatment Plant and Automation:

Within the scope of automation of clean water and wastewater treatment plants, all processes in the facilities are carried out automatically and manually. While automation system and treatment plants are monitored and controlled by computer, all measurements are reported.

The modern and energy efficiency of Wastewater Treatment Pros can be attained to today's high standards but it can be integrated with the entire process automation system.

DARK Automation offers turn-key system solution proposals in the wastewater treatment systems such as monitoring and control of the whole process, reporting of retroactive system data, energy efficiency as electricity and automation.

DARK AUTOMATION Provides system solutions with leading Siemens and Schneider Electric in the energy sector.


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