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Building Automation (Smart Home Systems)

Intelligent Building Automation Systems

International terminology; The concept, which is described in terms of BMS (Building Management Systems), BAS (Building Automation Systems) or FMS (Facility Management Systems) and which corresponds to our language as Smart Building Automation Systems, basically consists of heating boilers in building or building groups, air handling units, are given to the automatic control devices.

The purpose of intelligent building automation systems is to centralize the monitoring, operation and management of building devices. Intelligent Building Automation Systems are essential for building a safer and more comfortable environment with less labor and energy.

Intelligent Building Automation Systems, which can only be installed in large commercial buildings when the computer is not very common and cheap, has become a suitable solution and a good investment for all types and sizes of buildings today.

A properly installed system can reduce the cost of installation within 2-3 years with the help of labor power and energy saving.

Some of the advantages of Smart Building Automation Systems in building operation and management are;

- Centralized control allows more work to be done using less labor.

- More precise and timely control, reduce energy expenditure.

- Repetitive tasks in the same conditions all the same conditions can be programmed to provide a simpler operation.

- Training and system dominance of operators is very simple thanks to graphical interfaces.

- The needs of those in the building can be met quickly and conveniently.

- Being informed promptly about faults and faults will speed up maintenance and repair.

- Historical records, alarm reports and maintenance programs provide a more efficient operation.

- Flexible programming and extensibility make it easy to meet changing needs and make additions to the system.

- Integration with other systems such as fire detection, lighting control, provides a safer and more comfortable environment for those in the building.

Certainly, these advantages can be achieved with correctly selected and implemented Building Automation Systems.

Unlike conventional control systems, intelligent building automation systems are systems that require different applications depending on the nature and needs of each plant.

Although the field elements and control devices used are the same, the need for different applications in each project increases the importance and weight of the system software.

DARK Automation provides after-sales services to the customers in the building automation solutions until projecting, programming, commissioning and training of the operators to the system.



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