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Crane Applictions Automation Systems


As Dark Automation, we have developed crane projects in various configurations including experienced cadres and our experience and available cranes. In such applications, suitable solutions are offered together with the new generation DC drivers by using existing DC motors.

WTE Cranes Automation
In the waste process automation prevents fatigue of the operator and reduces the risk of crane failure. It also helps to position the load and prevent collision. Unmanned, fully automatic cranes can directly reduce operating costs. The most advanced plant layouts allow the cranes to be operated from a central control room. Customized monitoring services provide versatile tools to remotely control the process from the operator's desk or from the central control room.
Automation modes
• Semi-automation
• Feeding automation
• Mixing automation
• Unmanned 3-shift full automation

As an optional device, Konecranes CMS (Crane Management System) offers a user-friendly computer application that collects and analyzes crane data. It is a high performance, independent computer application, especially designed for modern crane applications. Konecranes CMS increases crane reliability and availability with comprehensive real-time measurement and diagnostic data. Konecranes CMS provides clear reports to analyze the use and efficiency of the crane.


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