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Drinking Water Automation

Drinking Water Automation;

Drinking Water Automation;
Today, in the vast majority of municipalities with drinking water networks, partly automatic systems based on human control are used. In this system, the water taken from a water source such as a well or a lake is passed through stages such as necessary purification, pH measurement, chlorine measurement, and is sent to the users afterwards. At certain times chemical analyzes and necessary regulations are made. If the system is to be dealt with in important aspects:

1. As chemical analyzes and necessary regulations are made periodically at certain times, sudden changes may occur, which can threaten human health during the period of system intervention.

2. There are flood events in storage due to lack of control. As a result, the water consumption increases and the surrounding areas are damaged.

3. When there is not enough water left in the depot, it is possible that the production will stop if it is not noticed by the responsible person. 4. The reservoirs are located in high and difficult to access areas in order to provide basin water. For this reason, storage is difficult to intervene for any reason



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