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Cattle Breeding Livestock
Software Automation

   It is designed to carry out follow-up of all processes related to large animals from slaughter to slaughter. The functions of birth information, insemination, disease records, departure procedures (cutting, death, sale), regular weighing operations (weighing integration), grouping, pedigree, vaccine records and vaccination schedule and farm general management functions continue to be developed.

Cattle Breeding Livestock
Software automation and ERP automation system

For enterprises engaged in red meat producing enterprises (cattle and sheep farming)

• Stock / Current / Cash / Check / Bills / Bank / General Accounting
• Enterprise Modules for large enterprises
• Advanced security and reporting options
• Sustainable Live From Taking
• Ministry number
• Receiving Weight - Input Weight
• Controlling
• Race - Place of purchase
• Monthly weighing weight should be with the weight difference automatic stock movement recording
• Ex Besi Takibi
• Veterinary Procedures
• Maintenance Care Work Orders Followed
• Location
• Farm
• Feedlot
• What location is next
• Follow-up of animals that are now out of livestock for reasons such as slaughter - death - sale
• As a result of the transition to fattening Ex-Besi
• For cost accounting according to the relevant life day
• Automatic unit multiplier occurs in the corresponding month.
• Fully integrated with Erp system
• Slaughter according to growth status - treatment etc. decision analysis
• Farm-based detailed analysis and decision support system
• At the end of the month,


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