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Fertilizer and Dosage Automation:

Minimum error. Maximum capacity. Correct reporting.

Dosage Automation Principles

The dosing automation system forms a batch according to the raw material ratios specified in the prescription.

The raw materials are grouped according to the weighers. Example: dosing silo weigher1, dosing silo weigher2, micro dosing silo weigher, fat scale, molasses / vinas flow meter, manual addition.

The screed groups are run as parallel as possible. Example: macro dosage, micro dosing and fat dosing lead to debate on the first occasion according to the road situation.

Parallel weighing is done as much as possible within a weighing group. Example: a raw material has more than one silo and these silos are connected to a cantilever. In this case, the system receives raw material from all silos.

The number of party determinants is followed. The system assigns each batch a number of batch determinants. Every element on the route (bunker, mixer, elevator ...) is followed by which part is processed. The number of party determinants is based on database records and reports. This is necessary in terms of traceability.

Every process on the road (mill, mixer ...) is recorded and reported on how the part is processed.

Weighing errors arising from the density of the raw weighed raw material, the amount remaining in the air and the environmental factors are evaluated in each weighing process and error correction is performed. Thus, a more accurate result is obtained on each weighing

At the end of each weighing, it is checked whether the specified tolerance for the weighing is exceeded. If it is exceeded, the defined instruction is executed. Example: the operator is warned, the tolerance error is processed in the lot record.

The dosage results of each part are recorded and presented to the user as a report.


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