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Pulses Machinery Automation Systems

Pulses Our company, which has stamped the sector with its automation solutions that it has produced in the sector, has carried its targets in automation to a higher level. As DARK Automation we design and program PLC and Automation systems of light grain machines in our world.

The interior of the coated product is used to separate holes that are wrinkled, wrinkled, weak, angular, partially discolored. DARK Automation Laminator machines Provide technological automation solutions to further improve the quality of the cleaned product. With DARK automation team, it produces technological automation solutions which are very effective in cumin and sesame in all pulses products in buffalo machines. The liquor maker is a must in the production of wheat - barley seeds. Increases seed germination rate in seed production. DARK automation continues its services as a mission based on customer satisfaction.


DARK Automation A dry granulated (calibrated) dry granulate, as can be understood from the name GRAVITY. Figure 2 is a machine made for cleaning grains that are light, thin, perforated, wrinkled, This machine carries out discrimination according to the weight of agricultural products, resistance to surface shape, resistance against air resistance, so some features are given to the machine.

As the machine table slope is increased (up), the weaker and lesser grain will slide downwards, meaning that the cleanliness of the incoming product will increase, while the lower the slope, the worse the product will start to mix. With these settings, 3 air fans on the bottom side will help to clean the product by going to the back.

If we think that these operations are carried out in a wide range of agricultural products, the machine will have an automation system and will be able to record and memorize, and the operator who will use the machine back without making mistakes in the same way will give the operator a great advantage.

OThere are a total of 32 different products in the automation panel that can be stored in memory. (Chickpeas, lentils, beans, etc.)

Advantages of the system:
Thanks to the DARK Automation system that is available on the machine, the faults caused by the human factor are reduced to the minimum and all the operations are precisely performed with full automation control.

Thanks to machine safety controls, breakage from vibrations is prevented. Thanks to the automatic tensioning system, the machine is kept in continuous operation while it is vibrating to ensure safety. In situations where adjustment is required, the vibration is automatically reduced, the tension is opened and the settings can be made.

Thanks to this system, the machine has been provided to be more healthy and longevity. Thanks to the touch panel with the Automation Panel, it is possible to set the table settings at the most precise level

The Stone Sorting Machine is used to distinguish stones / foreign materials of the same size but different specific weights from the seed.
For the best results, dry grain cereals and legumes, ie stones, seeds, alien seeds, * soil, glass, etc. Used to separate heavy grains from seed. It is effective in all cereal and pulses products, seeds, cumin and sesame seeds. Thanks to its high vacuum characteristics it has a light trash and dust collection feature.

Working Principle of the Machine:
With the help of the post elevator, the product taken into the waiting silos is poured into the main machine with the help of the vibro conveyor. With the vibration created by the eccentric system and the effect of air made under the bottom, it is ensured that the seeds are distinguished from stone and heavy foreign substances. There is a possibility of waxing out the cleaned product.

PLC Model Stone Separation Machine Advantages of Automation Systems
• If the Eccentric system of the machine is equipped with a speed controller, it allows precise adjustment.
• The speed control device of the motors that create the air flow from under the machine gives the opportunity to make precise adjustments especially on thin products.

• Easy Setup with Touch Screen.
• Table setting with motor and sensor.
• Difficulty products with 'Smart table unloading' periodic intervals and table unloading setting
• Possibility to make adjustments during operation.
• Store product-specific processing settings.
• Up to 30 items can be memorized.
• The settings stored in the memory can be used again when requested.
• Easy to use with touch screen.
• Accurate sieving with precise mechanism.
• Long-life use thanks to security settings.
• Superior cleaning technology with advanced settings.
• Energy-saving.
• Adapting to the Scada system.
• Automatic Tray unloading is factory set.
• Energy Saving thanks to Speed ​​Controls.
• Easy adjustment and maximum analysis for the operator.
• Report the error.
• Integration with Scada automation system
• Machine Animation is indicative.
• User-friendly PLC menu.

As DARK Automation we design and program the PLC and Automation systems of the weighing scales in our world.

The machine is used to automatically and precisely fill 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg ready-to-assemble sack bags. The faeces are handed to the machine as standard. An optional automatic feeding system is available. The main task of the machine is to reduce the work power by filling these pouches which are ready to be flawless and precise.

DARK Automation provides services to Turkish industry by performing various automation and weighing systems in chemistry, cement, food, detergent, petrochemical and feed sectors. DARK Automation is doing factory automation with SCADA.

DARK Automation has successfully implemented various automation and weighing systems in many sectors. DARK Automation engineering services, project design, software, mechanical, electrical, electronic systems, turn key projects; with expert engineers, technicians, mechanics and software teams, using advanced technology programs and equipment.



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