Automation of Water Treatment Systems
Drinking Water Automation
Fertilizers, Dispensing Automation
Pulses Machinery Automation
Flour and Feed Automation
Stone and Chrome Furnace Automation
Climate - Air Automation
PLC Control Systems
SCADA Applications
Fire Automation
Safety Automation
 Building Automation
Farm Automation
Automation Conveyor Belt
Automation Conveyor Belt
Crane Automation
Greenhouse Automation
Medium Voltage Works

Safety Automation Systems


For Permanent Solutions;

Businesses, site managers, apartment managers, homeowners ...

You will keep control with security cameras, image transfer and recording systems, which will allow you to monitor and record your business and all your property.

For example you have a summer and you can not go in the winter, your mind is staying there ...

Businesses; what is my current customer situation? You can watch customer and staff movements in your branches from home or from an internete connected computer, you can see the recording system and the past records.

Working parents; you can follow your child's behavior and behaviors from your workplace.

Indoor, outdoor, night vision camera and remote accessable and recordable image transfer systems ...




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