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SCADA Applications

What Do We Use as Scada Software?

We use two different kinds of software according to sector - application in Scada

1- Reliance Scada
- Internal communication protocols: Modbus, IEC104, Johson Control FX15-DX9100-SC9100, Teco, Amit, Wago, Ritmeyer wsr3000, Sauter EY2400, Elgas2, Elcor, QMD, Inmat, Promos, Generic, MBus Sensonic Plus
- OPC compliance, read the data of communication protocols not listed in the list and transfer them to Reliance SCADA
- Fast integration with easy and convenient interface
- Quick install with copy and paste logic
- Monitoring and control by multiple users with Server Client compatibility
- Web tracking with internet client
- Monitoring from smartphone with Mobile Client
- User authorization
- Script writing facility
- Dbase, SQL, paradox database recording and reporting
- Automatic graphical and numerical reporting
- Ability to create personal reports with custom reporting module

2- Copadata Scada
In addition to Reliance features;
- Hundreds of internal communications protocols (siemens S7-200 - S7-300, S7400, Panosonic ...)
- High reliability with circular redundancy
- Software plc features with Straton
- In a complex system, a preferred system of world giants (BMW, Audi, Pepsi ...)

What does Scada Nedir do?
Scada is software and the use of the initials of the words "Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition" is a word created. Turkish can be translated as "Monitoring Control and Data Registration". As it is clear from Turkestan, a facility or a device with SCADA software;

· Instant data can be viewed on the screen in real time

· Remotely controllable (such as run - stop - speed - slow)

· Recorded data can be recorded and retrospective reporting can be obtained from these data.

· By controlling the alarm limit values, audible-visual alarms can be taken at alarm limit exceedances.

Where is Scada Used?

There is no restriction on the usage area of ​​the Scada. Any device-facility considered to be monitored can be monitored and controlled remotely via the SCADA software. Today, the facilities where the Scada application is used extensively are.

Industrial plants (factories)

Public institutions and organizations (water administrations, electricity generation-transmission-distribution ...)


Business centers

Training campuses

Facilities in the service sector (Marinas ...)

What are Sample Applications Made with Scada?

By means of a production in a factory, these consumptions are consumed; monitoring, recording and reporting of energy, gas, water, steam, etc. on a computer is a typical SCADA application.

Back-to-back graphical-numerical reporting of the parameters recorded by monitoring and controlling remote operation status information of a treatment plant is again a typical SCADA application.

Remote monitoring and control of a lighting, heating and cooling system of a business center is a SCADA application known as building automation.

How does the Scada software read the field data?

Since the Scada is a PC software, the contents of the data must be converted to a known communication protocol in order to read the data in the field. The data in the sahara is as follows.

- Digital input: On-off status information is 1 - 0. For example, the status information of a switch is monitored in this way.
- Analog input: Value is the value that is variable over time. The kW value of a motor can be a good example.
- Digital output: On-off is the information which changes from 1 to 0. For example, a switch can be remotely turned off by a digital output.
- Analog output: Variable output type. The temperature value that an air handling unit needs to reach is set by the SCADA as analog data to the air handling unit (eg 23 C).

For example, an on-off status information on the field or a measurement information (analog data) with variable value must be connected to a so-called PLC called a remote IO. Thus, the data received from the field can be transferred to the computer by remote IO or PLC.

Modbus RTU / TCP, Profibus, CanBus are the communication protocols that are used extensively in the hardware that transmits data to the Scada. However, it is frequently used in sector or equipment specific protocols. Therefore, when a SCADA application is to be made, it is necessary to know what the communication protocols of the field equipment are, and the SCADA should be ordered with the appropriate driver.

Since the Scada is installed on a PC or an industrial operator panel, there are 3 different ways for the Scada to read data from the field.

- Serial communication ports (RS232, RS485 or RS422, bluetooth, infrared)
- Ethernet port
- Modem (PSTN lines)

In accordance with the communication infrastructure of the equipment used in the field, the scada reads the data from the field using that communication path.



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