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Stone and Chrome Furnace Automation


DARK Automation Chromium Chloride offers rational solutions for automation systems. Our company has proved itself in automation systems with its studies that it has made, and produces solutions in fast and practical automation services with its experienced staff.

Why do we prefer PLC in automation systems?


PLCs have many advantages when compared with the conventional systems used before. Some of the difficulties brought by the old systems have been overcome by the widespread of PLC today. PLC systems take up less space than previous systems. Therefore, the size of the cabinet or the cabinet in which the control system is housed is very small. The possibility of establishing a control mechanism in limited areas has arisen. The cost of wiring for the system is relatively low. Moreover, the ease of installation of the PLC system and the flexibility to easily modify the user's installation system and make modifications to the installed system have led to the increasing use of PLCs and the ever-increasing use of the industry. With these advantages, project costs have been reduced and project engineers have also benefited from the commercial aspect.

During the execution of a machine, a factory or any process, many events occur at the same time, and they do not have to be in a row. So you can not control such a process with normal computer programs. But it is not a problem to control many events that happen simultaneously for a PLC. In the meantime, it is easy to write and operate these types of programs with PLC, just because it also contains a lot of commands for control operations. Various languages ​​such as LAD (ladder diagram) and STL (program list) can be used to program the CPU.



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